Artistic vision

The conductor prefers to present a broad repertoire, in which the musical interpretion of the selected works and not the textual interpretation takes centre-stage (although the two can of course never be fully seperated). With her own, unique style of conducting – characterised by members
of the choir as ‘singing with your hands’ Nana hopes to achieve a timbre that reveals the heart and soul of the chosen piece of music.


Nana Tchikhinashvili was born and raised in Tbilisi,
the capital of Georgia. Since 1995, she has been living and working
in the Netherlands. From the age of 6, Nana sang in a variety of
professional choirs in Georgia. Already at that early age, her
teacher predicted that she would grow up to become a conductor as well.
After graduating High School, Nana went to the so-called Music College
(in Georgia, the Music College is a compulsary preparatory training for those
who wish to go to Music School). There, she majored in Conducting, and also took
minors in Singing and Piano. In 1989 she was admitted to the Conservatory
in Tbilisi, where she studied both Conducting and Singing.
While she was still a student at Conservatory, she was one of the
youngest singers ever to be asked to join the Academic State Choir.
What is more, she was also asked to conduct this same choir.
As a conductor, Nana developed her own, unique style. In 1994
Nana graduated from the Conservatory in both Conducting and Singing.


Apart from being a composer and a singer, Nana is – first and foremost – a conductor.
While teaching vocalisation, she also worked as a guest conductor with the Handelkoor in Roden (2000), and with  e  Chamber Choir Ten Boer (2001). As from 2002 up to 2006 Nana worked as a conductor
at the Regional Chamber Choir Peize.
Since April 2007 she is conductor of the Byzantine Men Choir Friesland

Since 2001 Nana conducts her own founded  chamber choir Moderato Cantabile


Mezzo – soprano

While singing in the choir of the Noord-Nederlands Conservatorium in Groningen, Nana was asked to teach
vocalisation to the Roder Jongenskoor, to the Catholic Oratorium association in Groningen, and
at the Stedelijke Muziekschool in Groningen. In addition, Nana has given several solo performances, for example
at De Kolk in Assen (2002), at the Stedelijke Muziekschool in Groningen (2002 and 2003), in Olterterp (2003),
at the Jozef Cathedral in Groningen (2004), in Hoogkerk (2004), at the Martini church in Franeker (2004),
the Margaretha church in Norg (2008), the Martinus church in Middelbert (2009), the PKN-church in Peize (2010).
Through MCT Travel she has participated in the ‘Carmina Burana’ in collaboration Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor: Friedemann Riehle) and Project choir in the Smetana hall in Prague (2012)
In 2012 she sang in Hermitage Amsterdam and two times as a soloist by Petite Missa Solennelle of Rossini in Wildervank, with the Drent Vocal Ensemble /conductor – Anne E. de Bruijn and with the
Amadeus choir / conductor – Bert Lammers, at the Stefanuskerk in Westerbork and at the Dorpskerk in Sleen.
Nana has also participated among others in: the Kruiskerk Buitenpost (2013), the Vennekerk Winschoten (2013), the RK-kerk Vilsteren (2013), the Dorpskerk Vries (2013), the Sant’Andrea della Valle Rome (2014), the PKN kerk ‘de Oase’ Drachten (2014), the Kruiskerk Burgum (2014), the Synagoge Groningen (2014), the Breahûs Balk (2015), the H.Bonifatiuskerk Wehe den Hoorn (2015), the Jacobuskerk Zeerijp (2015), the Dorpskerk Eelde (2015), the music hall
of VRIJDAG Groningen (2015), the Dorpskerk Peize (2015), the Kruiskerk Burgum (2015), the NH kerk Garnwerd (2015), the Petrus en Pauluskerk Loppersum (2015), the De Oerdracht Joure (2015),
the Spectrum Birdaard (2016), the PKN kerk Steenwijkerwold (2016), the Ned.Herv.Kerk IJhorst de Wijk (2016), the Geref.Kerk Boornbergum (2016), the Grote Kerk Veenhuizen (2016), the Dorpskerk Haren (2016), the St. Jozefkathedraal Groningen (2016), the Petruskerk Leens (2016), the Oosterpoort Groningen (2016), the St. Franciscuskerk Franeker (2016), the Mariakerk Ruinen (2016), the St. Jozefkathedraal Groningen (2016), the Sagrada Famiglia Barcelona (2016), the Santa Maria del Mar Barcelona (2016), the RK St. Odulfuskerk Bakhuizen (2016), the Grote Kerk Epe (2016), the Nicolaikerk Appingedam (2016), the Der Aa-kerk Groningen (2016), the Grote Kerk Epe (2016), the Bonifatiuskerk Leeuwarden (2016), the Hervormde kerk IJhorst de Wijk (2016), the Schuringakerk Jubbega (2016), the Village church Elde (2017), the Magnus church Bellingwolde (2017), the Obergum church Winsum (2017), the St. Joseph church Groningen (2017), the Maria church Ruinen (2017), the Village church Haren (2017), the Spectrum Birdaard (2017), the Doopsgezinde church Groningen (2017), the PK church Vilsteren (2018), the Catholic church Dϋsseldorf (2018), the Village church Metslawier (2018), the Magnus church Bellingwolde (2018), the Obergum church Winsum (2018), the Doopsgezinde church Groningen (2018), the St. Joseph church Groningen (2018), the St. Nicolas church St. Nicolaasga (2018), the Maria church Ruinen (2018), the Village church Haren (2018), the Farmsum church Farmsun (2018), the Catholic church Leeuwarden (2018), the Spectrum Birdaard (2018), the Doopsgezinde church Groningen (2018), the St. Martini church Koudum (2018), the Koepel church Smilde (2018), the Village church Eelde (2018), the Rk-church Drachten (2019), the Salvius church Dronrijp (2019), the Dorpshuis Warns (2019), the Oase Drachten (2019), the Magnus church Bellingwolde (2019), the Grote church Veenhuizen (2019), Gent / Bruges /Brussels (2019), Melk / Vienna / Passau (2019), the Oerdracht Joure (2019), the Doopsgezinde church Groningen (2019), the Jacobus Zeerijp (2019), the Midwolde church (2019), the Terbant church (2019), the Midwolde church (2022), Smetana Hall in Prague (2023).


Since coming to the Netherlands, Nana has been working as a composer
for a variety of animated and documenter films – including ‘In the park ‘ (1996), a
film that was commissioned by the RVU. Also, Nana has composed music
for De Balie in Amsterdam (1999) and for the Dada-project (2003)
that was commissioned by the VPRO. In 2003, Nana composed the miss
‘Moderato Cantabile’ .This was done for the chamber choir Moderato Cantabile
(a choir that she founded in 2001), and also another pieces: ‘Ave Maria’ (2006), ‘Pater Noster’ (2015), ‘Cherry tree’ (2016), ‘Miserere nobis’ (2017), ‘Ladybug’ (2017), ‘Our Father’ (2019), ‘Deus Noster’ (2019)’, Butterfly’ (2019).


Music lessons

Individual classical vocalizing

For: everyone as from 10 years
Teacher: Nana Tchikhinashvili
What: classical singing for beginners and advanced
Register: through contact


For: everyone as from 6 years
Teacher: Nana Tchikhinashvili
What: piano lessons for beginners and advanced
Register: through contact


Nana has performed as conductor as well as singer compositions of the following composers:

Abt / Arcadelt / Allegri
Bach / Balakirev / Bartok / Beethoven / Bellini / Benedict / Bennet / Berg / Berlioz / Bernstein / Bizet / Bononcini / Billi
Borodin / Bortnjanski / Brahms / Briegel / Britten / Bruckner / Buxtehude / Barber
Caccini / Caldara / Carissimi / Cavalli / Cherubini / Chopin / Cimarosa / Clementi / Corelli / Cui / Crescenzo
Danzi / Dargomisjki / Debussy / Delibes / Donizetti / Dufay / Durante / Duruflé / Dvorák
Fauré / Franck
Gabrieli / Gaito / Grieg / Giménez / Guerrero / Gershwin / Gorawa / Glinka / Gjeilo / Gilkyson
Händel / Hauptmann / Haydn / Hindemith / Honegger
Jacob / Janácek
Kabalevski / Kálmán / Kechakmadze / Kodály / Krachevski / Kochlamazashvili
Lagidze / Lasso / Lotti / Lully / Leoncavallo / Luna / Lauridsen / La Falla
Martin / Mascagni / Mendelssohn / Messiaen / Moessorgski / Monteverdi / Mozart / Munjishvili
Obradors / Orff
Palestrina / Pärt / Pergolesi / Peri / Perti / Porpora / Phaliashvili / Poulenc / Prokofjev / Puccini / Purcell / Pärt / Parratt

Rachmaninov / Rimski-Korsakov / de Rore / Rossi / Rossini / Rubinstein
Salieri / Satie / Scarlatti / Schubert / Schütz / Scriabin / Sjostakovitsj / Skriabin / Smetana / Stradella / R.Strauss / Stravinsky Sulganishvili / Stopford / Scott
Telemann / Thomas / Tsjaikovski / Tchikhinashvili / Tavener
Verdi / Victoria / de Vittoria / Vivaldi
Wagner / Walter / Weber / Williams

Agenda 2023

Saturday the 28th of January, at 20:00 p.m. the ByzantinMan Choir Friesland  with collaboration of violist Ani Natroshvili in South Church of Drachten

 * Sunday the 29th of January, at 15:00 p.m. the ByzantinMan Choir Friesland in Maria Church of Ruinen

* Sunday the 12th of March, at 15:00 p.m. the Chamber Choir Moderato Cantabile in Salvius Church “De Âlde Wite” of Dronrijp

* Sunday the 19th of March, at 15:00 p.m. the Chamber Choir Moderato Cantabile in village Church of Peize

* Friday the 5th of May, at 20:00 p.m. participation as a Soloist with Carmina Burana of C.Orff  in the Smetana Concert Hall of Prague

* Saturday the 3th of June, at 20:00 p.m. chamber choir Moderato Cantabile with collaboration of organist Jan de Roos in the Abdij church of Aduard

* Sunday the 4th of June, at 14:00 p.m. chamber choir Moderato Cantabile with collaboration of organist Jan de Roos in the Jozef Cathedral of Groningen

 * Sunday the 11th of June, in the monastery of Ter Apel collaboration for the service by Chamber Choir Moderato Cantabile

Sunday the 18th of June, the participation in the ZingZing festival by chamber choir Moderato Cantabile in the Oosterpoort of Groningen


* Saturday the 30th of September between 19:00 and 22:00 p.m. the Men’s Choir Festival in the Helte of Roden with collaboration of the Byzantine Man Choir Friesland

From 13:00 the soloist Masterclass will be held by Nana Tchikhinashvili

* Saturday the 14th of October the Frisia Cantate in 4 churches of Sneek, with collaboration of the Byzantine Man Choir Friesland

* Saturday the 28th of October at 20:00 p.m. the Byzantine Man Choir Friesland in the Meeting Church of Beetsterzwaag

Sunday the 5th of November at 15:00 p.m. the Byzantine Man Choir Friesland in the RK kerk De Goddelijke Verlosser of Drachten

Sunday the 12th of November at 15:00 p.m. the chamber choir Moderato Cantabile in the Baptist Church of Groningen

Saturday the 18th of November at 20:00 p.m. the Byzantine Man Choir Friesland in the Monastery Church of Aduard

Sunday the 26th of November at 15:00 p.m. the chamber choir Moderato Cantabile in the Cross Church of Garmerwolde

* Sunday the 10th of December at 15:00 p.m. the Byzantine Man Choir Friesland in the Bonifatius Church of Vries  

Agenda 2024

Sunday the 17th of Mart at 15:00 p.m. the Byzantine Man Choir Friesland in the St. Willibrorduskerk of Vilsteren

* Sunday the 24th of Mart at 15:00 p.m. the Chamber Choir Moderato Cantabile in the Walfriduskerk of Hellum

* Sunday the 21th of April at 10:30 p.m., the collaboration in the church of Lemelerveld by the Byzantine Man Choir Friesland




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